Thursday, April 12, 2012

Update! Wedding and Doctors

    Hey Everyone!!!! Going to be in and out a lot the next few weeks... My son is getting married in 3 weeks ( MAY 5th)  and we still have a lot of  arrangements to make and things to do.. So I am going to be quite busy with all that!!! But I will be checking my computer every evening to make sure I stay on track, I go to Dr's tomorrow to find out results of my MRI on my back! Wish me luck... If you don't see a comment from me on stuff right away I will be checking my Computer late in the evenings... So excited about the weekly challenge after this one!! Love my Son to death and would do anything in the world for him... But will be glad when wedding is over, Maybe things will calm down a little then for me... LOL! Not to sure about it though, My soon to be Daughter in law and I typed up their wedding vows tonight and then she got to talking about grand kids!! I think she is just scared because she has some health issue's and is afraid that they will not be able to have kids..And she told me tonight that she knew i wanted to be a grandma some day.. Told her that when it comes to the point and time, that she may not be able to have kids. That there are plenty out there in the world that need someone to love and take care of them..
Thanks guys!!

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