Monday, April 16, 2012

Origami Diamond Fold Card Tutorial!!!

 1.  Cut Paper 11x11. Use pattern paper it works much better than card stock, cause card stock is too thick.

Lay paper on score board with pattern side down, if you have double sided what ever side you want show goes down on score board using guides on top and the left, fold in half diagonally. Burnish edge with score tool.

2. Line up folded edge of paper to the top of score board at 3" and 5.5" score paper, flip paper and do the same on the other side. Press firmly with score tool.

3. Line up you paper with the point facing the left edge of the score board, the folded edge evenly on the right using the scorer marks to make sure paper is straight.

Score a line at the pointed end of your paper all the way down at the 3.5" line.

4. At corners you will see small triangles on each side, cut these out.

This is what it looks like with both small triangles cut out on each side........
Now open the card and add tape to the edges, Don't put any tape on the left side diamond, it has to stay open so top of card fold will go down in it like an envelope lid.
Now fold it back together, and make and origami fold on each side, Place your finger inside of the 2 layers on the right and using thumb push paper up to create a diamond shape. Repeat on the left side. Burnish edges of the diamond.

Now decorate and fold card.. Cut digi  2x2 to go on each diamond and finish decorating how ever you want to decorate your card!!!
Finished Product
Inside of card

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